Deploy production-grade Node.js Servers to Digital Ocean

And manage them with an intuitive user interface.

Serverless solutions are too complex. PaaS providers are too expensive. VMs are hard to setup and manage. That’s why we made Airnode.

Airnode connects to your Digital Ocean account and lets you create production-ready Node.js servers that can host multiple apps and databases.

5minCreating a server
15sAdding an app
5sDeploying an app

Provision secure & fully-featured Node.js servers

  • MongoDB databases
  • SSL with Let's Encrypt
  • Process Management
  • NGINX Configuration
  • Firewall configuration
  • Automatic security updates
  • SSH access

Deploy Node.js apps like a pro

  • Webapps, Workers and cronjobs
  • Push-to-Deploy
  • 0-Downtime Deployments
  • 1-Click Rollbacks
  • Monorepo support
  • HTTPS by default

Early access starts 2021

Sign up for early access and get a special discount at launch!

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